The Wellbeing Atelier is an invitation to pause and recentre, bringing a sense of awake awareness to your daily life.

Combining Occupational Therapy (a holistic, activity focused treatment), Mindfulness and Compassion Focused Therapy. Interventions are offered through mentorship programmes, individual therapy sessions, classes, courses, workshops and retreats.

The space was crafted by Josephine Dolan-Dufourd an Occupational Therapist who quit her busy and beautiful existence in London for a slow and delightful life in the South of France with her French husband and three children. Josephine brings her 20 years of professional experience to support people who want to make lasting change to their experience of this one wild and precious life.

Sessions are held in a beautiful old vigneron house, you can work with her in person or virtually, bringing a piece of this peaceful space to wherever you are.