Wellbeing Ateliers

Each month we explore practical Occupational Therapy tools to support you in maintaining and developing your wellbeing.

Each month we will get together in small groups to explore different practical, activity based tasks. Essentially you’ll get to experience Occupational Therapy, where you’ll be empowered to take care of yourself and make the most of your life. You’ll always have something to take away with you to inspire you keep you motivated.

The Wellbeing Ateliers are workshops that support developing and maintaining your wellbeing, supporting you to make the most of your days and guide you towards reaching your goals. The idea behind this program is that each session is a stand alone workshop that allows you to build a toolbox of skills that support you to live your life to it’s fullest. To be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

Topics that will be included are 

  • Sober Curiosity
  • Spoons Theory
  • Procrastination
  • Sleep
  • Anxiety Management
  • Life Balance
  • Coping as a Carer
  • Stress Management (15th October)
  • Perfectly Imperfect
  • Goal Setting and Vision Boards (Contact for private groups)

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The next session will be Stress Management, 15th October 10-12pm:

If you have something you’d like me to add please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Research has shown that stress and anxiety management strategies improve quality of life during stressful life experiences. When we feel better able to manage stressful situations this in turn improves our wellbeing, supporting a lifestyle with balance between work, rest and leisure.

Within the session there will be a psycho social education element exploring stress and it’s impact, we will then identify your areas of need and explore some techniques to support you to achieve stress reduction and improve wellbeing with evidence-based and practical interventions.

You can develop techniques to:

  • identifying symptoms and causes of stress (physical, emotional, behavioural)
  • recognise beliefs and thoughts that have proven to be self-defeating and reduce quality of life
  • develop new ways to cope with stress, improve sleep and a variety of relaxation and meditation techniques, including mindfulness
  • identify and adopt desirable health behaviours

Learning what drives your problems with stress and addressing the factors that are significant for you are at the heart of effective stress management. I have extensive experience working with stress and stress management in an individualised way. This evidence-based workshop includes brief exploration of relaxation therapy and mindfulness, fatigue management, solution focused therapy and therapeutic use of activity.

Access the post group resources here.

Goal Setting and Vision Board Atelier

Make a plan, have a vision and go for it.

A space to develop and set your goals, creating a vision board to take away that will keep you motivated, focused and inspired.

To begin with we will use occupational therapy methods to establish and develop your goals, creating a clear pathway. We’ll then move into defining these goals and breaking them down into smaller achievable steps that support you to get where you want to be. Read more here.

Space is limited to allow us for both the physical and mental space to explore our goals, brainstorm challenges together and reflect on victories. It offers an opportunity to check in monthly and grow with your goals, refine them, go back to the drawing board. (Individual sessions are available to those who prefer not to work in groups see here.)

The monthly sessions are welcome to newcomers and those who’d like to check-in for accountability and further support with reaching their goals.

30€ including materials

Venue: Chez vous!

Booking via jaddufourd@icloud.com