Get LOUD! Stay LOUD!

In January I joined the Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! an online Voice & Speech Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease. Each Friday I run a Cultivating Cognition class where we explore cognitive therapy exercises to maintain and develop cognitive functioning. From May I’ll be running a mindfulness session on Mondays. It’s such a welcoming and fun place to work, one of the highlights of my week is seeing everyone and working together.

Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! is the world’s only Parkinson’s specific online speech exercise program dedicated to supporting and motivating individuals with PD to stay DILIGENT with their daily voice and speech practice to maintain optimal communication and swallowing function.

Founded by speech language pathologists with years of experience assessing and treating both swallowing and communication disorders associated with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions, we realized that there was a need for increased support and expert guidance with completing Parkinson’s specific speech exercises from home. 

All of our speech therapists are certified in either LSVT LOUD® or SPEAK OUT®, the two most evidence-based speech therapy programs specifically for Parkinson’s Disease.

Let our expert team of speech language pathologists and occupational therapist guide you EVERY DAY through your Parkinson’s speech practice. Our diverse and comprehensive approach ensures that you not only stay motivated and diligent but that you HAVE FUN!

Whether you have already completed a Parkinson’s specific speech therapy program and are looking for an online approach to speech maintenance OR you are simply looking for a convenient way to participate in some home speech practice for prevention, Get LOUD! Stay LOUD! can help.

The research is clear!

Exercise… (in every aspect.. including speech & voice!) is the key to slowing the progression and alleviating symptoms associated with PD, and in maintaining optimal physical, cognitive and linguistic function.

To find out more about the platform go here.

Please note – this is NOT direct therapy and thus not reimbursable under insurance or healthcare plans. What we offer are daily, speech therapist guided speech & voice workouts.