Occupational Therapy

I have worked with OTs all of my professional career and I remain in AWE of their talent to help individuals get back to their desired activities of daily living. You bunch truly are the most creative, innovative and efficacious members of our allied health team.

Sarah – Speech and Language Pathologist

As an Occupational Therapist I am a regulated healthcare professional who works with anyone that is experiencing challenges. This may be physical, emotional, environmental or social issues. The ‘occupation’ side refers to activity, essentially, anything that a person needs or wants to do. I support my clients to preserve, or develop, their independence and the autonomy necessary for their overall wellbeing.

If your current level of wellbeing is getting in the way of you living a fulfilled life I may be able to support you to help yourself feel like you again.

Interventions can include:

  • support in making change to improve wellbeing
  • life skills training such as problem solving and anxiety management
  • understanding and managing symptoms
  • support in adapting to new ways of living
  • equipping people with new skills in self-belief
  • confidence building
  • developing balance in life and being able to enjoy daily life more
  • supporting people through periods of unusual high stress
  • practical solutions for adapting homes and environments
  • advice on specialist equipment
  • restoring skills after accident or illness
  • practical support and advice following injury or illness

The Client’s Journey

Sessions will look different for everyone, you are a unique combination of your genes, your environment and your experiences. I don’t want to know ‘what’s the matter?’, more ‘what matters to you?’, and what is getting in the way of you living a fulfilled life. We will begin with an exploration of what gives you meaning and purpose in your life. From here we break this down further and explore the balance in your life between the things that you wish you were doing and aren’t, and the things you are doing that you wish you didn’t have to, working out what can stay and what can go, re-examining the mundane yet necessary, and ensuring that the things that sustain you are firmly routed in your daily life.

Your care pathway will be as unique as you. It could be just a one off session, a series of specific skill focused interventions or regular ongoing support.

Sessions can take place online or in-person depending on your location. There is also the option of sessions at the cabinet in Gabian. If I’m coming to you I’ll have a basket of bits and pieces with me, if we are doing the sessions online I will organise with you in advance any items that may be of help within the session. The activity based sessions will always have meaning and relevance to you.

For those of you interested in the details of my specific way of working, I am guided by my specific specialities which include Compassion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Behavioural Approaches, Cognitive Behavioural Integrated Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. My Occupational Therapy Models of practice are the Model of Human Occupation and the Kawa River Model. These approaches allow me a range of tools to ensure a client centered and holistic approach to my clinical work.

Sessions are approximately one hour

  • Cabinet or online £55/60€
  • Home visits 75€ (negotiable depending on distance)

Reports are an additional cost.

Unfortunately for French residents, independent occupational therapy is not covered by the carte vitale but may be included in some mutuelles. Receipts can be provided for mutuelles.

A peak into my basket.
A peak at bathroom redesign
Josephine Dolan-Dufourd lives in the south of France with her young family, you can read about her musings on life in France, Occupational Therapy, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Tea on the blog here.