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An offer of an invitation to pause, to recentre and bring a sense of awake awareness to your daily life. In becoming a member you will have access to the content of the monthly meditation atelier. This includes a different theme each month, access to guided meditations and an activity based lesson with guidance for practice over the next month. Integrated within the mindfulness offerings are holistic occupational therapy intervention tools which cement the practices even further into the day to day of your lives.

Essentially one of the drivers for the monthly membership programme is to support you in developing your own home practice. Mindfulness meditation, consistently practiced within your daily life, retrains your thinking patterns giving you new ways of responding to situations and experiences, to achieve greater levels of peace, health, happiness, and joy.

The mindfulness exercises are simple and accessible, deliberately freeing you of the need to scroll and search. Allowing the time you have set aside to be focused on your mindfulness practice.

You can access the materials from the links below or directly from the members area drop down menu.

Meditation Hints and Tips

These are available to all to explore different postures and positions to ensure maximal comfort within the longer practices. Click here

Mindfulness Meditations

You will find the three basic mindfulness meditation practices I have recorded. The body scan, mindful movement and sitting practices. These are the bread and butter practices of mindfulness training and ideally one of these practices should be practiced daily where possible. You’ll find these practices here. They are password protected and only available to members.

Membership Options

Once payment has cleared you will be sent a welcome email and will be sent the passwords. If you would prefer that these are sent to an email other than that used for paypal please add a note to the payment option or send me an email to

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