Josephine Dolan-Dufourd

Independent Occupational Therapist/Ergotherapeute Libérale

BSC/Hons UWCM (Cardiff University)


The Wellbeing Atelier was inspired as a space to combine Josephines clinical background as an Occupational Therapist and her training, and love for mindfulness. The Wellbeing Ateliers aim to support people to live their lives to their fullest.

Josephine is a Scottish/Irish Occupational Therapist who was born in England and now lives in France. She worked within the National Health Service (NHS) for over 18 years, specialising in mental health. Her clinical specialisms have been women’s mental health, addictions and mindfulness. In 2016 Josephine and her franglais family decided to make the move to France from London. She is a mother of twins and a singleton, wife to an osteopath, navigating a life in France and all the beauty and bureaucracy that that brings with it.

She has been meditating for many years and continues to have passion and intrigue for the way in which mindfulness and mindful self-compassion can positively influence her day to day life, relationships and understanding of herself.

You can read more about her musings on life in France, Occupational Therapy, wellbeing and, amongst other things, one of her favourite topics, tea here.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists is a healthcare profession who explores the evaluation, readaptation and treatment of people who are experiencing challenges with their physical, social or mental health. The goal of interventions is to support clients to preserve or develop their independence and the autonomy necessary for their activities of daily living, family and professional life.

You can read more about Josephine’s work as an Occupational Therapist here.

The Wellbeing Ateliers

Mindful compassion based meditation classes, wellbeing workshops and retreats. Offering an invitation to pause, recentre and fall awake.

The cabinet is based in a small village on the outskirts of Pézenas in the peace of the Languedoc. Sessions are offered at The Wellbeing Atelier in person or online and at venues in surrounding areas.