Wellbeing and the Summer Holidays

As we move into the summer holidays things are quietening down here at The Wellbeing Atelier. I’m making a few last minute preparations before the children break up for their two month school holiday. I’ve given one last glimpse of this tidy and quiet house before it moves to a perpetual state of carnage. This is primarily due to the enormous task of keeping everyone fed, and a four year old who has quite the talent for spreading objects around any, and all, surfaces. The ten year olds seem to exclusively reserve this skill to their dirty socks, and will avoid being reprimanded by disappearing to do the ‘Tour du Village’ on their bicycles. I get to parent like it’s the 80s here, so the only rule is that on the hour they open the front door and shout out that they are still alive. One of the many positives about our quiet and simple life here in Occitanie.

The enormity of leaving London, burning down our life and starting over with the unknown continues to catch me by surprise and offer delight. I had a vivid moment in the park thinking ahead to the holidays and remembering the physical sensations of dread and anxiety of trying to juggle everything. Whilst the immediacies of these stresses have gone, my body and mind still remind me occasionally. We have crafted a great life here, but it doesn’t dissolve the experiences we went through to get here. I know I’m not alone on this one. I take these moments as an invitation to pause and simply be thankful.

If you’re looking for some spaces to pause and actively take care of your wellbeing over the summer holidays I have a small gift of 14 prerecorded mindful compassion practices to use at your leisure. They range from 3 to 34 minutes. You’ll find them here.

I’ll be back with a new programme and offerings in September. In the meantime I’m still around so do keep in touch and reach out if you need anything.

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