Transitioning into summer, May-June 2021

Greetings from Gabian,

Finally found a spare moment to plonk out a quick newsletter to let you know what is on offer ‘The Wellbeing Atelier’ wise for the coming months. As the summer creeps in, I will be offering less online as the sessions switch to being outdoors.

The Meditation Atelier

8 Week Cultivating Compassion Course
Starting May 6th, last session 25th June
9-10am UK 10-11am France

A mindful compassion based course with teachings, handouts and home practice.

The atelier will follow the following format:

  • Meditation
  • Poem
  • Tea meditation
  • Sharing space
  • Teaching
  • Closing Meditation

£70 or 80€

The sessions can be accessed as a stand alone practice if you wish, at 12€ per session including follow up materials.

More information can be found here, but to summarize, each session will follow its standard format but will also include a short teaching and a home practice to accompany it. Each session will have a follow up email including a handout, with the teaching, a copy of the poem, an audio recording of the meditation and a ten minute meditation.

The recordings will be available to access throughout July and August when I will be taking a break from online Wellbeing Ateliers, so this course is an opportunity to build up your confidence in home practice and then go solo over the following months. Though I’m hoping I may see some of you here….

Le Manoir Retreats

Le Grand Hermitage Clermont l’Herault
Monday’s from mid May

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Tea ceremony 
  • Use of gardens and pool
  • Lunch 

Price 55€

Optional extras include a 15 or 30 minute massage (15/30€).

Now the weather is on our side and life is opening up again the retreat team are back together! if you are local or holidaying in the Languedoc region you will not regret booking a day with us. Ines for yoga, Barbara’s cuisine and a Mindfulness Meditation and tea ceremony from yours truly. Last year it was half a day and this year we’ve extrended the time so its now 10am to 4pm.

Individual Clients
I have updated my website to give an idea of what to expect if working with me individually is something you would like to explore. Occupational Therapy is a broad and quite frankly brillant intervention in supporting physical, mental, social and environmental wellbeing, if you don’t know about it have a read about it here. I have space for both one off and ongoing sessions. 

As well as the Cultivating Cognition class on Fridays I will be running a Mindful Monday session on ‘Get LOUD! Stay Loud!’. This an online platform for people with living with Parkinson’s. If you or someone you know could benefit from this space and would like further details do get in touch, the first month is free. There are people from all over the world coming together for the groups and it’s truly an amazing space to be a part of.

Summer Time
Throughout the summer I am available for individual sessions and can also provide teaching at a venue of your choice, for small groups in person around a variety of wellbeing subjects.

As mentioned I will not be running online meditation groups over the summer (July and August), but hopefully the toolkit of teachings and recordings will sustain you until we meet again in September. If there are sessions you would like to see included in the program for the autumn do get in touch, I have a few ideas, but always value feedback. Speaking of which, if anybody is willing to give a testimonial of your experience of sessions with me I would be most grateful!

You may have noticed that I’ve updated the website as a whole, do have a peek and let me know any glaring grammar and spelling errors, my English is getting worse as we transition as a household to speaking more and more French….I’m outnumbered four to one, it’s a losing battle, that quite frankly, I’m delighted to surrender to).

Do reach out if you need anything, or any further clarifications. I am available for adhoc sessions too, crisis management is one of my skill sets so if you, or someone you know needs some urgent support do get in touch.

Your ongoing support of my work at The Wellbeing Atelier is greatly appreciated and I would like to thank you, simply taking the time to read my posts means a lot.

To make any bookings please email or call/text +33677054246.

As always, may you be well, may you be at ease and may you be kind to yourself and others.

Mille mercis,

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