If you have signed up for the newsletter this will have already have arrived in your inbox. If not here are some news and updates for the coming months.

Thank you for your ongoing support of my work at The Wellbeing Atelier. Simply taking the time to read my posts means a lot.

Over 2020 my life and work has changed and evolved beyond measure, I passed my driving licence in January so I could finally leave the village, using my new found freedom to run day retreats, a new group in Pézenas and offer Occupational Therapy at home. Then, well life took a turn for all of us, and having avoided online working I took the plunge and found it a beautiful experience, especially the tea drinking bit.  It was such a gift to be able to share the practices in this way….Italy, California, Wales, England and of course France. Thank you to everyone who came to my sessions and shared my work.

Meditation Ateliers
I miss offering the groups in Gabian and Pézenas and hope to be running them again soon, but for my own peace of mind, I have decided for January and February to offer the meditation ateliers online. The Friday Meditation Atelier is evolving to deepen practice into a 6 week course with worksheets and home practice, if that sounds daunting I promise you they offer delight and wonder. The Mindful Monday Atelier will continue over lunchtimes and is offered as part of the Friday course if you sign up before the end of the year. Read more here.

Occupational Therapy
I will continue to offer individual Occupational Therapy sessions here in Gabian, at yours and also online.  These sessions can support you in maintaining and developing your wellbeing, more information on what I offer here.  

From January I will be the first Occupational Therapist to be part of the ‘Get Loud! Stay Loud!’ team, a dynamic group of speech-language pathologists passionate about supporting those with Parkinson’s Disease in maintaining optimal communication & swallow function.  If you know of anyone who may benefit from this online platform do pass on the information here, the first month is free.

I have decided to close my Wellbeing Atelier Facebook page as I do not have the time to do the upkeep, you’ll find all you need on this website. If you prefer facebook you’ll find all the information regarding my work on my page which I use for professional work, or Instagram.

All going well…… March for in person groups, day retreats this summer and residential retreats for September time. Online groups are also going to continue and will form a staple part of the program. 

Finally, please, please reach out if you’re struggling, or know of anybody who could do with some extra support.  I have 18 years of experience working within various mental health settings in the National Health Service, most specifically women’s mental health and substance misuse, I can offer support and signpost to services.

With all that said.  May you be well, may you be at ease and may you be kind to yourself and others.

Mille mercis,

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