The Meditation Atelier

Today, after I had sent out the correct link to the group, we did a sitting practice, with compassion. Followed by a reading from Marcus Aurelius and a cup of tea together.

We closed with the square breathing technique. This is a popular technique for managing anxiety in waiting rooms as you can follow the edges of a door or window, or a screen at home if you’re in need of a break. This was then followed with a poem from Alice Walker, Grace.

Breath in to the count of four.

Hold for four.

Breath out to the count of four.

Hold for four.

Your counts can be as short or as long as you wish.

Over the next series of meditations, we will be going into further exploration of cultivating compassion.

Join this new block of groups this coming Mondays 1-2pm (12-1pm UK) or Fridays 10-11am (9-10am). See the blog post here for more details and to sign up email

And as always, reach out if you are in need. I’m available on Zoom or in person for a quick check-in, cup of tea, moment to offload.



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