The Weekly Meditation Atelier

All set for the second online Weekly Meditation Atelier. Do not disturb sign on the door…. But. The phone rang. My husband was locked out. A heavy posted document was shoved through the letter box. However, all in all I am slowly finding my feet with leading the space. This week we were joined from Italy, Wales, France and California. Isn’t that something. I miss seeing people in real life, I miss my trip to Pézenas and Café des Arts. All that aside, everyone coming together and making the best of an opportunity to be together feels special. I am honoured to be leading this group.

Mindfulness of Breath and Movement

This week we built on the foundation of the bodyscan through a breath and movement meditation, bringing awareness to, and inhabiting our bodily experiences and sensations.

The focus is maintaining moment-to-moment awareness of the sensations accompanying our movements, letting go of any thoughts or feelings about the sensations themselves.

Segal et al, 2013 ‘Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy’

Through movement based meditations we have an opportunity to explore and discover the creative edge between exploring/investigating /discovering, and accepting/letting be/being with.

By being present and observing ourselves with a kind and gentle attitude, we can learn new ways to take care of ourselves. Noticing the difference between effort and ease, the boundaries and limits of our bodies. Learning it’s language so we can listen to it’s messages more clearly, respond wisely, creating more space for ourselves. How often do you ignore the hunger cues, the fatigue, the crossed boundaries?

You’ll find a guided recording of a movement practice here. The practice was followed with a poem by Dawna Markova.

We then shared a tea meditation together, simply observing the practice, and those who wished, drank their own brews. My tea was a honey oolong from Indonesia, an earthy and fruity tea. This is an activity based meditation, a nod to my Occupational Therapy background. It is an invitation to transition from the quieter practices, and models how we can use every day activities to drop into the present moment.

This week you are invited to go on a mindful walk, bringing awareness to the physical sensation of each footstep. Anchoring in the present moment through the sensations you experience, and always knowing that your breath is there to return your attention to each time it wanders off.

May you be well, may you be at ease and may you be kind to yourself and others.




  1. Thank you very much for this morning’s meditation, Josephine. I really enjoyed it. Not only that, but I learn something new and interesting every time. I do those movements several times a week as part of my exercise regime but never – until this morning – mindfully. What a difference! Thank you!

    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

    Until next week,



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