The Weekly Meditation Atelier

Today was our first session via Zoom. Technology is not my strong point and I was a bit nervous but thankfully it didn’t fail us. Human errors were plentiful, a wrongly input email address, forgetting my left and right and also a loud knock at the front door. To everyone who attended I cannot thank you enough for participating. And if there’s anything that mindfulness teaches us, it’s that there’s room for it all.

Today we began and closed with a three part breathing space. A simple technique to weave into daily lives to build those new neural pathways:

From here we moved into a body scan, you can find a similar meditation that I have recorded here. It is the first meditation on this page. I read the following poem after the practice:

We then shared a tea meditation together, simply observing the practice, and those who wished, drank their own brews. My tea was a honey oolong from Indonesia, an earthy and fruity tea. This is an activity based meditation, a nod to my Occupational Therapy background. It is an invitation to transition from the quieter practices, and models how we can use every day activities to drop into the present moment. Anything can be a mindfulness practice, brushing our teeth, tying our shoe laces, making a cup of tea. Bringing our attention to the sensory experience of undertaking these tasks, slowing them down, being intentional, deliberate and present. And returning those wandering minds again and again each time they step away, which they will. Mindfulness is the noticing, and cultivating the skill of returning our attention to the present moment. Through which we builds neural pathways that support us to develop new ways of responding to difficulties.

If you have any questions or queries about the session, or would like to join, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email


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