Meditation Atelier 16th October

In the session we explored different ways of sitting for the sitting practice, including the use of props and cushions to support our comfort within the practice. Sitting for long periods is not comfortable, but we can make the experience simpler by ensuring we are stay in a position our body can maintain. Meditation stools, bolsters of various sizes and cushions under our feet or behind our lower backs can make all the difference. Ultimately you want a self-supporting spine and your knees lower than your hips. If you’re using a chair both feet should be flat on the floor. For more information you can read some hints and tips here.

You’ll find a guided sitting practice here, it’s number 3 on the list.

As always we finished with a tea, this month it’s a purple leaf, Sheng puerh. Any infusion can be used as a finish to the practice, acting as a transition from the stillness of the practice to whatever you have left to do with your day.

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