The Weekly Meditation Atelier

Preparing myself for work earlier I crammed the many items into various vessels. I will streamline this I am sure, but I’m a ‘you never know’ sort of person. I have wished to be a minimalist for many years. But I’m just not, I feel my mindfulness practice has allowed me to embrace myself in all of my messiness. I love having knickknacks and bits and bobs lying around. I carry folders and books, journals, diaries and magazines. I don’t travel lightly, but I do it beautifully and sparking lots of joy along the way. I love how the poem you’ll encounter later in the post references having lots of things just incase. Whilst I on the other hand don’t want to carry less, I do so with the same light energy Nadine talks of.

Following the second week in the new venue, I feel I am finding my flow with running the group in the space. It’s beautiful here. The sessions start at 10am and finish at 11am. You can park after the red and white barrier leading to a private road (to the left of the picture), simply life the pin out and push the gate, then close it after you have parked. Enter through the gate pictured and you’ll find me in the barn to the left, the building covered in ivy. Simply wear a mask into the room and you are welcome to then remove it when you arrive at your seat. If you arrive a little after the time, just settle into the practice as you can.

This weeks practice was movement based, we began by connecting to our bodies and breath and moved into some gentle and simple movements exploring our limits and edges, our boundaries. Spending this time focusing in the present moment allows us to observe our habits and tendencies, it’s a very powerful and tender practice. If this is something you’d like to explore at home you can find the practice in the online area, this is password protected, email for details.

I invite you to read this weeks poem to yourself (pictured below).

The tea I served was an Amber Oolong, grown in Nepal. The tea is light and malty with a mature tasting sweetness to it. It was the same tea as last week, where I brewed it in a shorter infusion yielding softer floral notes than this week which was much more malty in taste.

My photo does it no justice, though it gives me the opportunity to share one of my favourite new rituals. My post group office is a cafe in Pézenas that I adore and reminds me of one of the many reasons we moved here.

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