The Weekly Meditation Atelier

This week saw the start of the weekly meditation atelier in it’s new venue, 26 Rue de Castelnau, Pézenas, 10-11am.

We began with an introduction to the practices, the space and then moved into a body scan, an opportunity to explore and be with our bodies. To close the practice I read the poem above. Each week I will post the poem here and offer a little invitation to pause and simply read it wherever you find time within your day, maybe with a cup of tea.

A home practice of undertaking an everyday task mindfully over the week was recommended, being with the sensations and colours, textures and being fully present for the few minutes the task takes up. Brushing teeth, making a cup of tea, rearranging a stack of papers. Anything can be practiced mindfully.

Keep it simple.

So until next week, may you be well, may you be at ease and may you be kind to yourself and others.

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