Half Day Retreat at Le Grand Hermitage

Monday 29th June, 10am

I am delighted to invite you to a half day retreat at the truly magical Le Grand Hermitage, Clermont-L’Hérault. I will be leading a mindfulness meditation, followed by a yoga session (with a qualified yoga teacher) we will then enjoy a healthy lunch together. You then have the opportunity to relax, use the pool and enjoy the peace of this beautiful location.

These retreats are an opportunity for rejuvenation, a time to recentre and reconnect, no prior meditation or yoga experience is necessary.

The sessions will be run in collaboration with other wellbeing professionals, and are on offer throughout the summer. I will add dates to the website when they are available, and/or you can join the Facebook site here.

There is private parking at the venue.

Introductory offer 35€

Booking essential, limited spaces. Please contact me directly or access the private facebook group here.

Please do get in contact if you have any questions or queries:

Telephone (call or text +33 6 77 05 42 46)

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