Honey Oolong the Atelier tea for March

Within each meditation atelier there is a pause for tea. It acts as a transition between the formal practices and the inquiry and reflection space, before moving into the rest of the day. The idea behind this practice at The Wellbeing Atelier is becoming aware of the sensory experiences of the activity of making tea. Observing the preparation, the sounds, smells, tastes and textures. We can add these slow, simple practices to our daily lives. Simply paying attention and being in the present moment.

Our lives are made up of individual moments and the act of making yourself a cup of tea or a drink of any sort can be woven into your day to ground you to the present moment.

Honey Oolong

Each month at The Wellbeing Atelier one tea is picked to taste and explore, this month a Honey Oolong has been chosen. The following information has been taken from The London Teaclub with whom I have had a monthly subscription since 2016. Sadly they have closed subscriptions so I can no longer link to their work.

Grown in the Banten province, Java, Indonesia the tea was harvested in January 2018 and roasted in March 2018 by Dr Alexander Halim. He had a personal vision to use sustainable farming methods ro produce his tea to promote a better quality of life for the world. he has inspired other farmers locally to adopt similar methods. His tea plantation is located on Halimun mountain, near Halimun-Salak national Park, a protected area with incredible biodiversity. Halimum means ‘misty’ in the local Sudanese language. The climate is lush, tropical, and very humid, with abundant rainfall and rich volcanic soils.

Tasting notes

This unique tea is grown using all naturalisation methods. It has a sharp charcoal flavour with a smooth finish. The first infusion produces an earthly roasted aroma, but later infusions bring gentler fruit notes. Experience the full depth of this tea over 3-4 infusions.

Recommended Brewing Instructions

1 teaspoon of leaves per cup with water heated to just below boiling (85°C). You can reach this temperature by boiling water and leaving it to cool for 2-3 minutes.

Brew with a gaiwan or teapot and steep for 1_3 minutes to desired strength. Alternatively enjoy ‘grandpa style’ – drink directly from mug, blowing leaves out of the way, and simply op up with hot water throughout the day.

Take Tea at The Wellbeing Atelier

If you’d like to taste this delicious tea in person you are welcome to attend an atelier over March and April, you’ll find details of the timetable below.

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