Instinct and Intuition Afternoon Retreat

In the next Afternoon Retreat Atelier, we will be exploring intuition and instinct through meditations and exercises that explore our gut reactions and our heart space. Connecting to these two important feedback systems within our bodies supports us to make wiser choices for our own health and wellbeing.

Instinct can be seen as a survival based mechanism within the body often felt within the gut area giving you feedback from past experiences, and warns the body of danger. Whilst it is to be listened to it can be an unreliable feedback system and direct you towards unhelpful coping strategies. Intuition comes from a place of calm clarity and is often described as being felt within the heart area which transmits information to the brain from the many neural pathways between the two, directing you to make wise choices not only for yourself but for those around you.

Through mindfulness meditation and mindful compassion practices we can train our brains to be more in touch with our gut reactions and the heart centre. Practicing in this way allows us to acknowledge when we are feeling unsafe, learning the language of our bodies, pausing and observing these sensations creates the space to decide how to respond rather than reacting.

25th February 1-3.30pm at The Wellbeing Atelier, 20€.

Content and meditations available online for the month of March for 5€.

E-mail Josephine via to make a booking or for further details.

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